Popup window doesn't close (BUG?) 
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 Popup window doesn't close (BUG?)

I am trying to get the Pop-UP window to work correctly...it does funny

It sometimes does not close, but stays opened in another position.
Meaning, I have it setup so a right click, selection will change the
status of a record.  When I right click, select the option I want, it
updates the screen and record fine, but the popup window stays open a
little down and over in the window.  I've tried refresh window,
refresh page, resync window.  When done with my selection, I want the
Popup menu to do away.

Also, there seems to be a bug with the Popup window operation.

If you have Popup Menu setup in the browse embed and have the browse
window opened, if you select another application on the task bar, when
returning by clicking back on the application, the popup window now
appears ON THE  TASK BAR.

To duplicate, create a popup menu on a browse.  
Run Application
Right click on any record
Without picking an option, click on another application running
Return back to application by clicking on taskbar
Notice the menu now appears on the taskbar.  weird.

I can deal with this very minor thing, however, the thing that I
really need to fix is why the window stays opened after I made a

The code looks like this:

  IF KEYCODE() = MouseRight
    BRW1::PopupText = ''
    IF BRW1::RecordCount
          BRW1::PopupText = 'Clean|Dirty|Unavailable|-|Properties'
         Do UpdateSelects
         Do UpdateSelects
         Do UpdateSelects
         Do SyncWindow

         DO BRW1::RefreshPage


It marks the record correctly, but it does not close the popup window.


Sat, 22 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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