Inserting a record causes app to hang 
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 Inserting a record causes app to hang

Hello there.
I have got a C5 wizard app that hangs when inserting a new record into any
of the database files. Files are all Topspeed database files. The app worked
perfectly and while I was designing reports something happened (- sounds
like a typical end-user). I am not sure what though.
I have a simple database file. Two keys - 1 primary record number
(autonumber) and the other alphabetical list of a string field. No relations
to any other file.
I thought , ok maybe c5 wizard has corrputed the app. So I created a new app
using the old dictionary and created a browse and update for the file. Make
and Run and hey it hangs too. Click on insert (or keyboard), enter field
data and click OK (or keyboard - enter) and the app hangs. No GPF or
This problem is duplicated for all the other files in the dict too.
I hope I am missing something simple and obvious. Any suggestions

Gavin Duxbury

Fri, 09 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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