Cry For Help - Need work done on PB Source - $$$ 
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 Cry For Help - Need work done on PB Source - $$$

I am having a severe problem with PowerBrowse, and am asking (crying!) for
help from the CW community.

I have written a very large POS system, that I started working on in CW 1.5.
Now, it is in CW4b, and as I am releasing it, a problem has cropped up with
every PB procedure (and there are a lot of them).

I figure I have two choices - re-write every procedure (which would take
months), or fix the problem at the source (the PB source).  I have tried
working with the source, and it is a bit convoluted to say the least.  I am
therefore asking for help from those more clever than I, so I can get this
product released!

I am willing to pay up to $1000 to get this problem solved.  It's that

Here is the problem:

When starting the program, everything runs fine.  You can go into a PB
procedure, it works correctly.  After a while, when you enter a PB
procedure, it will either (1) change the down arrow key to a tab key,
thereby bouncing around the window when you press the downkey, or (2) not
fill in the entire browse.  Changing the PB list box to use a View will keep
#1 from happening, but will intermittantly cause the list box to be blank.
If you exit the procedure, and come right back in, it will be ok
(sometimes).  In other words, it gets very erratic.  Needless to say, this
is very disturbing for an end-user.

I never noticed this problem in 2.003, so I'm guessing something subtly
changed in C4 to cause it (it happens in C5 also).  There is probably a
simple tweak that can be made to the PB code to fix it, but I am not
spotting it.

I have a demo app that shows the problem that I can supply, along with the
PB source if you need it.  Fixing the PB source will fix my entire App,
that's why I'm willing to pay up to $1000 for the fix.  My guess is, it will
take between 3-6 hours for a really clever programmer to figure it out
(maybe less!).  I would pay the first one who fixed the problem.  I would
also toss in my first-born child, but he's pretty old now and may grumble
about moving... :)

If you are interested, please send me private e-mail at


--John Hickey
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Mon, 15 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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