Queue in Queue?! 
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 Queue in Queue?!

Hello again,
I am printing from a queue (now i am able to do that) the hours an
employee has worked in a month.

After that the hours the employee has spent in driving, working, making
holiday, being ill and all other stuff the user wants to see should be
listed (for this employee).

All this should only appear when it make sense (if the employee was not
ill, this should not be mentioned.)
All this stuff (working, being ill, holiday..) is in one table and the
user can add whatever he want.
(Sorry, i miss the name of this table in english. If you know a proper
english word for this, let me know).

Surely it is possible to solve this problem with an array and choose a
big enough value for DIM, but this is ugly, isn't it?

A queue would be fine, but a queue in a queue is invalid.

any ideas?

best regards


PS: Sorry if this is not clear enough...

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Sat, 01 Feb 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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