File Drop Combo with ODBC file 
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 File Drop Combo with ODBC file

I have a File Drop Combo control in my app that I'm using to read two
fields from a file accessed through ODBC. The first field, which I
want the user to choose from is the company name, 2nd field is an id
number. When I choose the company name at run time, it fills the entry
part of the combo box with both fields just as I want. However, when I
try to assign the id number to a variable in code, it always assigns
the id number of the first record in the file no matter what I choose.
I have added both fields to the list box associated with the control,
and I can see it in the drop down.
How do I make the pointer stay on the chosen record?
        This is accessing a Maximizer file through ODBC which I guess
uses some version of Btrieve for the database. Has anyone had any
quirky results using a file drop combo with ODBC?


John Norman

Tue, 23 Dec 2003 11:29:52 GMT  
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