Announcement: Internet Framework Templates - HTTP Server Edition 
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 Announcement: Internet Framework Templates - HTTP Server Edition

Announcing the Internet Framework Templates - HTTP Server Edition Version
Below are a few of the  Frequently Asked Questions on this toolkit.
Please go to http://www.*-*-*.com/
questions and answers.

Brief description:
This Internet Framework edition gives you the power to build your own,
custom,  32-bit Windows, HTTP server application using Clarion. You will be
able to assemble
and test an HTTP server in minutes. The Internet Framework handles the
to the Windows socket (Winsock) functions.

+Very Flexible.
+No blackboxes. Entirely Clarion-coded templates.
+Handle simultaneous connections for HTML and non-HTML data
+Documentation of embeds, function, routines, and examples
+Royalty-free distribution of your server application
+Several examples included
+Develop your own add-on templates (example add-ons available soon)

Introductory Price: $99

FAQs (more at http://www.*-*-*.com/ .Click on Banner on home page)
What are the Internet Framework templates?

These are TCP/IP templates for the purpose of easier network programming.
They comprise a toolkit that will be released in phases, beginning with the
HTTP server.edition. The HTTP Server Edition templates will make it very
easy for developers to quickly have 32-bit HTTP server capability using
Clarion. These general purpose templates allows intermediate-level
developers the freedom to develop almost any kind of HTTP server application

Why did you write the Internet Framework templates?

I wrote these templates to allow a developer to write and distribute an HTTP
Server application his or her own way. The Internet Framework handles the
Windows Socket (Winsock) calls for you, you place your code in the embeds (I
provide a number of examples). For example, you can easily send data or a
binary file. You can more extensibly add your own templates and classes to
your web server. Distribute as many of your server product as you desire
without paying me one, more, red cent. You, also,  get to see the inside of
the server engine and even change things around inside, if you desire.

Does the Internet Framework compete with, or designed to replace, Clarion
for Windows Internet Connect?

No, it is not meant to compete with CWIC.. You have to decide what is the
job and what tool is for that job. I designed these templates to make it
easier to do general-purpose network programming using TCP/IP.   Eventually
I could see CWIC and IF working together since they both have their heritage
in Topspeed products.  The Internet Framework is more general-purposed to
allow you to build your own, customized HTTP server, your way. It comes with
examples to show you how. No blackbox broker involved.  It does not generate
HTML, Javascript, or Java,  for you. However, if you want it you add it.
Although anyone will be able to assemble an HTTP server and test it in a
couple of minutes, it is for the intermediate level programmer that needs to
assemble HTML and/or non-HTML HTTP server applications fast.

Additional Notes
Some of you have known about development of the Internet Framework Templates
(formerly TCP/IP template toolkit) for quite a long while. Some were
involved in early testing in its different phases  Some of you have read
about the announcements in the online magazines. Thank you for your
interest, encouragement, assistance, and patronage.

Mike Pasley

Thu, 27 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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