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Hi there

You would define your window in the normal way with your
image control on it. Just do not put any info in it, like the
image name, size and whether you need scroll bars or not.
By the way I suppose that you noticed that your problems
started the moment you add the scroll bars. Use embeds to
put the image into the image controle , image1{PROP:Text}
= 'filename.bmp' . Now you use the PROP functionality to set
the size of your image, if your image ae bigger that your
window size enable the scroll bars on your Window
properties not the image controle. That should do the trick. If
you put anything on the window now it will be displayed over
the image. Whatever you put on the image you can use all of
the defined properties without problems.

Hope this helps, If you're still having problems I'll see if I can
forward you an example.


J. Fick van Deventer

Sat, 04 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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