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 Novices Questions

As an experienced CPD user just learning CW4.0,  I have a few question

1 When starting a new project I wish to preset all form fonts and colors to
my standards.   I can do this but must go into each tab and make the
settings.  Is there something like the old Tailor?.

2 I can't see an efficient way to add text or move items (like a field)
around on a form.
surely there is an ez  way to do this.?

3 How can I turn off the debug so that no code is generated until I turn it
on. I can see it cranking out debug code all the time.

4   I have a few legacy CPD 2.110 exes that I must run from CW4.0.   I am
able to do this but would rather have the DOS window minimized when the app
starts and during the run then discard the window when done.  I have
deleted the DOS screens in the DOS exe and no inputs are needed,  just some
internal calcs are done.  How do I do this?.

5 I can't browse the data dict if the file is encrypted.  Why?  I have the

6 Where is an equivalent to filer.  When I modify the Data Dict I no longer
can read my bleeping  data file.

7 If have obtained a large app from an associate.  It brings my PC to its
knees during a make/run.    I ran it on a  400MHZ p2  and it acts like a
286,  is this normal?.

8 I have a system of web pages (prior to IC) which I will modify asap to
use the ISP broker concept. Here are some stats about it.  Are there any
suppliers out there who can supply these services at a reasonable cost?.

    Web requirements/activity etc.
    a.. 60 hits per day ( expected to hit 180) half of which download a 5
megabyte file daily.
    b.. 60 - 80 megs space needed
    c.. Need 10 Email addresses
    d.. Need {*filter*} Cash using SST.
    e.. Need Web Trends - which implies a NT system rather than Unix.
    f.. Streams limited Audio (Welcome, Goodbye etc) and about 10,   5 sec
video streams
    g.. Need a strong FTP server
    h.. Need sufficient band width - specify T1 - T3 etc
    i.. Need to use your verisign certificate
    j.. Prefer your low traffic time is USA high traffic time
    k.. Can't be 1 or 2 machine ISP.  I need backup.


Sun, 20 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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