"OMIT cannot be nested" error 
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 "OMIT cannot be nested" error

    I am getting occasional, seemingly random, "OMIT cannot be nested"
compiler errors in CW4 despite the fact that the Language Reference Manual
no longer says that COMPILE and OMIT statements cannot be nested.  To the
contrary, the LRM gives examples with nested COMPILE and OMIT statements.
    In one module, the compiler gives no error for the first occurrence of a
particular set of nested COMPILE's, but does give an error for a later
occurrence of the same set.  In both cases the 'expression' parameters of
the outer and inner COMPILE statements are true and false, respectively.
    As a test, I inserted a copy of the later set and the code inside it at
an earlier point in the procedure.  The compiler gave an error for a still
later occurrence of the COMPILE set, but not for the copied set or the
inserted copy.
    There seems to be some connection between whether the compiler gives an
error and the position in the module of the nested COMPILE's, but I haven't
been able to determine exactly what the connection is.  I do not know how to
avoid getting the errors.
    Has anyone else gotten these errors in CW4 and determined how to avoid

Sat, 17 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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