Edit In Place Validation - Help Please 
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 Edit In Place Validation - Help Please

I need to do some validation before a row is saved using edit in place in a
Browse box.
The validation code has to take place after all data is changed but before
it is saved because it requires the user to make the data meet a certain
criteria which can only be done if all three fields are able to be edited
prior to validation.

The validation code is below,  what I need to know is: What embed to place
the code in, how to tell the code to stop the update, and leave the cursor
in the first field to edit (PMP1:Per_to_Cus).

I tried the code in the embed "EIPManager.Update PROCEDURE" but no results.

if PMP1:Per_to_Cus + PMP1:Per_To_DSR + PMP1:Per_To_INH <> 100 then
    Message('Total of Percentages must be 100')
    !Stop the Update Code Here

Sun, 22 May 2005 05:05:22 GMT  
 Edit In Place Validation - Help Please

You want the TakeCompleted method of the EIPManager. Make sure to use the
one that takes a BYTE as parameter (there are two TakeCompleted methods).
Look in the softvelocity.c55 newsgroup for a thread called 'EIP Validation
problem' last week or the week before for an example.

Rick Martin
Sharpe Software, Inc.

Sun, 22 May 2005 06:13:52 GMT  
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