Error(36) Invalid Data file / Error: Invalid Record Declaration 
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 Error(36) Invalid Data file / Error: Invalid Record Declaration

   I am not a Clarion programmer.  But I have a need to convert a Clarion v1
for Windows tps file to db3, db4, ASCII, etc.  I have tried converting the
file in Win95/98 and receive dll errors when opening the Clarion development
app.  I found that it works much better in Windows 3.1.
     I've tried converting without generating source code.  After I've made
the changes to the data file definition (to convert from tps to db4), and
then File -> Browse, been prompted to Convert, I receive the following
error:  Error (36) Invalid Data File.
   I've also tried the convert method that generates source.  I change the
data file definition, save, Clarion -> Load Data File, File -> File Convert,
it generates source.  I close the data file displayed in the Database
Manager, Clarion -> Load Clarion Source, select the convert.clw I just
created.  The source is displayed.  I can see that the 'in' file has a
TopSpeed driver and the 'out' file has a 'Dbase4' driver.  Next, Project ->
Set Current Project and then Project -> Run.  It runs shows no errors, and
then I receive the following error window:  Error:  Invalid Record
   I would greatly appreciate any assistance anyone could send my way.

Julie Brown

Mon, 15 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 Error(36) Invalid Data file / Error: Invalid Record Declaration
Hi Julie,

1) He might be right.
    Try importing the .TPS file into the dictionary
    that way you can be sure that the file strucure is correct.
2) There are data types used in the TPS file that are not
    supported by the dBase IV driver.
Try converting to Ascii/Basic first (you'll have to delete the
key's first then) and check the results.


Tue, 16 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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