STD:Window - STD:NextWindow & STD:PreviousWindow? 
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 STD:Window - STD:NextWindow & STD:PreviousWindow?

I am trying to make my Window menu show the 'Next Window Ctrl+F6' and
'Previous Window Ctrl+Shift+F6' items.  I alrt (or is it alert?) those keys
on some menu items and do a presskey(CtrlF6) or presskey(CtrlShiftF6).
Pressing those key combos at runtime works very easily and quickly.

However, actually clicking on the menu items is strange.  The 'Next Window'
item takes about 1 second to respond, and discards clicks if they come too
quickly.  The 'Previous Window' is even odder, it performs the previous
window action, then freezes the app until I minimize and restore the app,
which somehow unfreezes everything.

I'm running windows xp sp1, using c55ee08.  Any ideas how I can implement
this simple functionality?  I don't see a STD:NextWindow and
STD:PreviousWindow anywhere.

Chris Bordeman
Software Developer
Sterling Technologies

Sat, 10 Dec 2005 10:48:21 GMT  
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