2nd Request - CW2.0003 Browse not working in CW4 Release Templates 
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 2nd Request - CW2.0003 Browse not working in CW4 Release Templates

I have a working app in CW2.0003 consisting of 1 EXE and 6 DLLs.

I tried loading them into CW4 using Clarion release templates (not
converting to ABC). All compiled fine and work perfect except for 1 DLL

In all the Browse Windows in this one particular application, when using
the VCR or keyboard PgUp, PgDown they don't work and the cursor Up repeats
last 2 records. (Only results I have seen when using CPD with a bad key

Data appears fine as CW2 application uses same data and the Browse works
fine. Even tried registering CW2 template in CW4 without luck. I hope
someone has encountered this problem before.

Thanks in advance,


Tue, 22 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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