#OpenClarion IRC chat will be open 6pm GMT 2pm EST today 
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 #OpenClarion IRC chat will be open 6pm GMT 2pm EST today

I am trying to get some feedback on the IRC chat group #OpenClarion. I
have put up a poll at the old site, please place you vote about the IRC
chat times. Since this project has members from across the world, I have

gotten some comments from those in which the current chat times are too
late for them to participate. This is the last Wednesdays thqt  I will
opening up the IRC chat group at 6:00pm GMT to monitor how many are
interested. If there is good response, I will look at opening up at that

time every Wednesday.

IRC irc.dal.net:6667 #OpenClarion

For additional help see:

Sun, 13 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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