Message Headers and Footers (fwd) 
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 Message Headers and Footers (fwd)

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> Hi Steve,

> Reducing the size of the headers & placing the other stuff at the bottom
> would be great!

Hmmm, have just reduced the header and trailer stuff a bit ...


> We use Eudora 3 & vga mode.  The headers & message take up an entire screen
> so that we need to page down to see the "real" message.  Do that times 40
> or so messages a day and it starts to become time-consuming.  There's a
> cost/benefit calculation in there somewhere that we all need to
> individually make.

Can you set Eudora to not show the message headers? Then just my list
header .. currently two lines should be all that shows ..


Best Regards
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Computer Centre  University College of Cape Breton
Sydney, N.S.     Fax (902)562-0119                 Canada     B1P 6L2


Put the command in the Subject area, e.g. subscribe , unsubscribe
Use all lowercase and have *nothing* in the message body.

Sun, 07 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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