Potential ODBC bug 
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 Potential ODBC bug

Hello all!
I'm having some trouble with PUTing a record to a SQL database when
using ODBC. The problem results when I have a field which initially
contains a value, but is then set to null using SETNULL.

I get an error that there is an "invalid string or buffer length".
Running the ODBC trace program shows an error resulting from the
SQLBindParameter function.

Has anyone seen this sort of behavior before? Would someone be willing
to test it on their own server for me? I'm using MS SQL Server myself.
If any Topspeed employees are out there (especially those who wrote
the CW ODBC libraries) I'd be very interested in hearing your comments
and/or suggestions.

This problem is killing me development wise and we need to ship soon,
so all comments will be greatly appreciated.


Tue, 08 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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