Displaying and Image in a simple report - What am I missing 
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 Displaying and Image in a simple report - What am I missing

I am creating a simple reoprt from one dictionary file. I want to
display an image from a blob field and text from string fields in the
same file

I am using exactly the same code (except for the field description)
that can be found in
Clarion4/Examples/School/School.App/StudentID(Report) - located in the
embed point Process Manager Method Executable Code Section/Take
Record/()BYTE/Source(!Assign Blob to Image control)

When I create a report using the wizard and then add an Image Control
and the above code the image does not display in the print preview. If
I create a report without using the wizard and insert the image
control and the above code the image displays. As soon as I use a
string to display text above the image control the image no longer

Please can someone tell me what I am missing?

Regards Ian

Wed, 17 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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