Clarion Date (Long) -> Access Date\Time 
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 Clarion Date (Long) -> Access Date\Time

Greetings all,

How do you move a Clarion Date (Long) to an Access Date\Time?

Thanks in advance

joe van niekerk
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Sun, 28 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
 Clarion Date (Long) -> Access Date\Time

>Greetings all,
>How do you move a Clarion Date (Long) to an Access Date\Time?
>Thanks in advance
>joe van niekerk

This is how to do it for the TopSpeed ODBC driver:

Converting a Clarion date to a Microsoft Excel Date: Subtract 36161
from the Clarion date value.

Converting a Microsoft Excel date to a Clarion Date: Add 36161 to the
Microsoft Excel date value.

Converting a Clarion time to a Microsoft Excel time: Divide the
Clarion time value by 86400 (the number of seconds in one day), then
divide by 100 to express as a decimal value.

Converting a Microsoft Excel time to a Clarion time: Multiply the
Microsoft Excel time value by 0.0000001157407407407410 (1 divided by
the number of seconds in a day; includes the adjustment to convert
back from a percentage).


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Sun, 28 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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