CW2.003 Btrive 6.15 from 16 to 32 bits 
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 CW2.003 Btrive 6.15 from 16 to 32 bits

  I need change on application that using Btrieve 6,15 under Clarion CW 2.003 on 16 bits I have no problem but when I try to
  Compile the app on 32 bits I receive error 20 from the Btrieve, so after I read I know I must buy the pervasive 32 bits engine, ok, but
  Which is the engine for a system that must run under Windows 95 and above, Novell network, and Windows Network (both versions Workgroup and NT), which one is the one (pervasive btrieve engine) I must buy to do it work and to distribute my software, running 32 bits?

  CW2003 uses Btrieve 6.15, though i was able to use the PSQL 7 driver with CW2, i had some gpfs, unfortunately, Pervasive does not support Btrieve 6.15 anymore so you might not be able to buy Btrieve 6.15 32-bit engine from them, but you can still give it a try.  So, for you to use Btrieve 7 you will have to get either CW4 or CW5.


Fri, 05 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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