Browser jumps to first record after update 
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 Browser jumps to first record after update

G'day Anton!

>after updating a record from a browser and returning to the
>browser, the updated record is displayed as the first one in
>the list, even if it was in the center of the list before the update.
>Does anybody know a template enhancement that fixes
>this behaviour? I think the record should stay where it was before
>the update. I also noticed that it does not change its position if
>the update is cancelled.

I had a similar occasion to want to return to the browse with the same
record highlighted. I raised the question during an IRC chat session.
What follows is courtesy of Pierre Tremblay, who kindly took the time
to come up with the following:


>I finaly got some times to check how to "shortcut" the std behavior of the
>std browse to only redisplay selected row when the user back from an
>I will tell you: The solution is very ugly. I will explain you why.
>The reason why the browse is acting like that (bring the selected record on
>top) is because the code is not aware if the user changed one the
>components of the key. Doing this will invalidate the position of the view
>retained in the Queue:Browse. What has also to be considered is the fact
>that the app can be used in a multiuser system. The reloading of the page
>insure that new records, if any, will appear. Now, if we are absolutely
>sure that the key components arent changed, you will be able to use this
>little code snippet in an appropriate embed point. I tested ok here, so I
>hope it will be ok at your end.

if GlobalResponse = RequestCompleted
  get(Queue:Browse, choice(?List))
  reset(BRW1::View:Browse, Queue:Browse.BRW1::Position)
  do BRW1::FillQueue


Anton, this also tested ok with me. To re-iterate Pierre's warning, it
should only be used where you are certain the record you are updating
cannot change one of the key components, so use with care.

I embed it into my code as a Routine called BRW1::RefreshLine. One day
I hope to write it up as a template extension, as I now found him a
very handy little routine to have around.

Best  Regards
Steve Greenwood
HiCaliber Software

Mon, 26 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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