All components of the primary key must be linked - Dictionary Relationship 
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 All components of the primary key must be linked - Dictionary Relationship

Hi Guys,

Has something change in the last update(H) to C55 ABC in relationship to
relating files in the dictionary?  I have two files that I recently decided
to relate that were originally not related.

1. Vendors            VendorKey on fields:
                             Vendor  & Active
2. Quotes              Vendor  on field:

In the passed, I could have related these two files but now I get an error:
    "All components of the primary key must be linked"
It won't let me use a <no link> on the Active field in the primary file.

I have a number of relationships that presently use the <no link> but if I
go back into the relationship window and press the OK button, I get the
above error.  I have to cancel out to keep the old relationship.

Charles Patnoi
CPE, Inc.

Fri, 21 Jan 2005 23:25:16 GMT  
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