Error Clarion 5.5 ee and ODBC 
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 Error Clarion 5.5 ee and ODBC

Hi all

I had been working with Clarion 5.5 ee and Pervasive, using acelerator to
access information in database.

I need to translate this aplication to works with Clarion 5.5, ODBC and
Pervasive, SQL Server or Oracle. The most things works fine but i have a
problem i dont know how can i do to correct.

I have a browse, followed by another browse. The problem is when I select a
record in the first browse, then i call the second browse, it must be
filter using the record i select in first browse. The first time, it works
fine, but next time i select another record in first browse then i call the
second browse, but it still filter using the first selection i made in the
first browse.

It doest refresh any time, i have to close two browses and
then it woks fine again, but only the first time.

I supose is an index, i dont know. My question is when i was working with
Clarion 5.5 using acelerators everyting works fine.



Sun, 04 Dec 2005 14:27:36 GMT  
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