C5EE/Btrieve/Win98 Errors 
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 C5EE/Btrieve/Win98 Errors

I have a small c5b app which accesses Btrieve files read-only via
v6.15 client.  Everything worked fine on Win95 and Win98 workstations
when I was on Novell 4.10.  Just upgraded to Novell 4.2 and now my app
works only on Win95 workstations.  I get Directory Error (35) only on
Win98 workstations.  Not related to user rights and such as all users
work fine on 95's and no users work on 98's.  I suppose it's not
related to Btrieve as non-clarion apps work fine against same files
regardless of workstation platform.  Does anyone have any insight on
whats going on and how to get around it?  TIA Charlie Hargrave

Sun, 26 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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