GReg-Plus new release and new competitive upgrade pricing 
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 GReg-Plus new release and new competitive upgrade pricing

GReg-Plus new release and new competitive upgrade pricing

Gitano Software is please to announce the new release of GregPlus.  GregPlus
is not only the best solution for your registration needs, but it contains a
developers utility loaded with goodies that are going to make your life much
easier.  Download GregDev and see what we are talking about!

New in this release:
 -C5.5b2 compatibility
 -Concurrent user checking has been re-written and the timer is now
optional.  A new utility is included to reset the login file.
 - All bugs reported to date have been fixed (to the best of my knowledge)
 -Template modifications to accommodate the new changes and bug fixes
 - 12 examples are now part of the standard installation (10 for Clarion, 1
for Delphi, and 1 for Visual Basic)
 - A demo template and dll are now included for a complete evaluation, as
well as dlls for delphi and Visual Basic.

Additionally  we have released new versions for Visual Basic 6 and Delphi 5.

This release is free to all v4.01 registered users.  Delphi and Visual Basic
versions are sold separately as add-ons to GReg, please see web site for

We are frequently asked for competitive upgrades and until now have not
offered it.  Starting today if you are using a "competitive" product and are
not happy with the results and you are ready for a serious registration
application, then we are going to make it easier for you to switch.  Send us
your proof of ownership of your current package and we will deduct $50 off
the regular price. Please see our web site for qualifying products.

Jesus F. Moreno
Certified Clarion Developer
Gitano Software

Sun, 29 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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