Help needed with a Browse 
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 Help needed with a Browse

Hi all

I have 2 problems with a browse using C5.5EE:-

1) I need to change the backgroung colour of each row in a browse
dependant apon the value of 2 coloums displayed in that row. ie 1 of 4
colours for each row shown.  HOW CAN I DO THIS.

2) I am using a browse with 2 tabs.
1 tab dispays the file in ID order with a numeric selector.
the 2nd tab displays in dicription order with an alpha selector.

When switching between the tabs I am unable to get the browse to
redisplay from the start of the file in the selected order.
I have set the CurrentTab as a reset field.

Any help appreciated

Sun, 22 May 2005 16:28:00 GMT  
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