Search Engines Profile Exchange - November 15 2002 
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 Search Engines Profile Exchange - November 15 2002

Search Engines Profile Exchange - November 15 2002

Encourager Software has created an centralized information resource for
individuals or companies that need to submit their web sites and/or
software programs to the various search engines.

Encourager Software grants a limited license for individuals or
companies to install the Viewer Version of Product Scope 32 PRO, Version
4.5 on 5 computers or less and Search Engine Data Files WITHOUT a paid

This is NOT a web site or file submittal program. Rather, it is a
collection of information designed to help you get to the sites in an
organized fashion.

Abbreviated online version of Search Engine Profile Exchange.

Click on Profile Exchanges
Click on Search Engine Online Profiles

NEW! File and Search Engine Discussion - A collection of advice to help
you focus on marketing techniques for search engine optimization and
placement (software author advice also). Online and RTF version (in available.

Some examples of how you can use the filtered lists

(MUST have NEWLY released Version 4.5 or 4.5a of Product Scope 32 PRO
and Downloadable Search Engine Profiles)

* * Software Authors * *

File - PAD Submittals - If you have already prepared a PAD file, this
query at the Vendor list, will help you quickly log onto the submit
URL's that accept PAD files.

File - Submission Tools - Software Programs and Submittal Services

* * Web Site Submittals for Search Engines

Submit Web Site, Submit To Multiple Search Engines, Web Site Promotion

Also, included are a number of general internet lists as well.

* * General Internet Interest * *

Academic Search Engine, bookstores, Comparative Shopping,

Comprehensive Web Directory, Currency Converters,

Driving Directions - Online Maps, File Download Sites,

FTP Searches, Greeting Card Site List, Kids Search Engine,

Multiple Search Engines, Newsgroup Search Engine, Online Bookstores,

People Search, Reference Desk, Search Engines, Shopping Search Engine,

Translate Languages - Web Pages, USA Yellow Pages, Used Market Values

* Download Product Scope 32 PRO Program *

Product Scope 32 PRO, Version 4.5 - Windows 95/98/NT/2K/ME/XP/XP PRO

Download references at this URL:

* * Download and Install Search Engine Data files -

Search Engines Data Files - Product and Vendor Profiles
Approx. 157 KB in size

From David Troxell - Product Scope 32 PRO - Encourager Software

Profile Exchanges - Home Theater, Search Engines, Newsgroup and Email

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