Callback functions 
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 Callback functions

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Hi Diego,

> I whant to know if is there are any way to respond to the Windows
> message handler of a window.
> I have a dll (in C) than when I call a function it generate messages,
> and I must call another function on each message.
> How I can intercept the message sended to the windows message handler?.

WinEvent does this for you. You can  "Alert" messages like you would
alert keystrokes, and then the message comes through your accept

WinEvent costs $30 - it's avaliable from us (via Credit card) or on
Compuserve (SWREG forum, product number 9335).  there is also a demo
on the Icetips ftp site...

File Manager 2 = Automatic upgrading + C-Scan
SecWin = Easy to use program security & copy protection
ezHelp = Win 95 style popup help
WinEvent = RS 232 Comms + Taskbar + Message trapping

Fri, 07 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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