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 RI Nightmare. Looking for thoughts

Hi Jim,

there is a template bug (at least in the ABC templates, not sure about
legacy) that will cause the swapping of child records that you
describe. You need to have your files set to "Open in current thread"
in order for this error to show up.
To replicate, do the following with any template generated browse/form:

1. Open the browse procedure
2. Open an update form that has a a browse with child records in it (A)
3. Open the same browse pocedure as in step 1 again in a second thread
4. Open an update form with another record as in step 2 that also has
child records in it (B)
5. close form (B) and the browse
6. close form (A)
7. open form (B) again: the child records of form (A) will now show up
in form (B)!

Workaround: add logic to your program so that all browses can only be opened


with best regards,

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Turngartenstr. 24b  -  26160 Bad Zwischenahn - Germany
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> I have created an application and implemented it on a windows 2000
> server with 14 users using windows XP.  I use TPS files on the server
> and the program resides on each workstation.  There are over 25000
> records in the main file and thousands of child records.  I originally
> wrote this in CPD2110 and it has been working fine for years.

> The software will do great for about a week or two, then it will swap
> data in some of the child files.
> For instance, the money detail for one person will disappear and then
> show up on another person .
> This occurrs in a couple of the child files.  One is money, the other
> is property.

> I have looked at the program till I am blind and can't find any
> errors.
> I don't use any embeds to access either of those child files, so that
> would eliminate that.

> I do have one user that complains that her workstation locks up on her
> about 5 to 6 times a day.  She had to ctrl-alt-delete, stop the
> program, then restart the program.

> I replaced her NIC card with a brand new one, but that didn't help.

> If any of you have experienced anything like this and have any
> suggestions, I could use a nudge.

> Thanks.
> Jim March

Sun, 03 Jul 2005 15:40:22 GMT  
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