LPM 2.5, Error reading Drive C: 
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 LPM 2.5, Error reading Drive C:

        Using LPM 2.5, I comile and link an application.  It runs fine on a
        386dx booted in DOS mode from Win 95, runs fine on a P5-90 in DOS
        6.2.  I tried to run it on a Compaq 286 portable running DOS 5.0,
        but have problems with the menu program.

        The app is broken up into .EXEs for individual modules AP, AR, GL,
        etc.  The individual modules run find by themselves, but the menu
        itself doesn't work.  I get a runtime error that gives the familiar
        Abort Retry Fail message reading drive c:

        The menu only serves to tie the other modules together.  The app is
        linked in VM mode.  Does this sound like a problem with it being a
        286 or maybe because using DOS 5.0.

        Any comments are appreciated.


Fri, 29 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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