CW2.003 - hand coded reports compile warning - help! 
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 CW2.003 - hand coded reports compile warning - help!

OK - so I finally went Arnor's route and started hand coding reports
(well - actually - first I designed them as reports, then cut/paste
the code to a source procedure, but, I digress..)

On compile - I get two types of warning messages - which I choose to
ignore, and the reports work fine. I'd like to get rid of the warnings
since they offend my sense that I know what I'm doing :-)

The two types of errors are (and I'll see lots of them for each

Warning: Ignoring EQUATE redefinition: ?somefieldname


Warning: Label duplicated, second used: ?someotherfieldname

I've checked my code - and I don't SEE duplicates, and I'm not at all
sure what the redefinition message means..



        Don Eilenberger

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Sat, 04 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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