Clarion 4 Beta Pre-Purchase Questions 
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 Clarion 4 Beta Pre-Purchase Questions


>1) I need to show a list of employees in a column on the left and use drag
>& drop to move some of them to the column on the right. The left column

The drag and drop part is blindingly simple, the file manipulation
will require some handcoding but if you have done any handcoding in
the DOS product you should find it a very familiar process.

>2) I need to show lists which are joins of several tables and be able to
>allow the user to sort on any column by clicking on the column heading -
>just like the Windows 95 explorer works.

C4 is supposed to handle this kind of behavior very gracefuly, but I
have no personal experience with it yet.

>3) I need to show a parent record with all of the children on tab pages.
>For example: the first screen shown would be a list of all employees, when
>an employee is seleced for change processing his detail record would be
>shown with tab pages for health records, training, etc. Each tab would
>contain a list of the available records and selecting a record from the
>list would bring up the detail form for the record.

Inline entry and Hot Fields are standard fare for C4. A little
handcoding will be necessary but it's certainly something you should
be able to accomplish without additional add-ins.

The bottom line is, I think you will be better served with C4. It will
require some handcoding and that handcoding will be fairly
straightforward and a pure delight to handle. The inline "Embeditor"
will let you see your embedded handcode in the context of the
surrounding generated source code.

Judging from Topspeeds release record from 1.0 on, I would feel
comfortable initiating a product in C4 now, looking to finishing the
product release after the final C4 release.

Good Luck!

b. rgds.


Fri, 24 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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