printing on preprinted forms 
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 printing on preprinted forms

Hi all,

I'm developping an C5EE app where I have to print invoices on preprinted

I have a reporting procedure and defined a group break on ORD:InvoiceNumber
to have the invoice totals printed (much like in the getting started guide).
These totals should print on the preprinted footer.

If I select "default" for the group footers' position, it prints right below
the detail lines, which isn't what I want. If I select a fixed position, the
footer prints in the right position, but on the next page!

How can I prevent clarion from printing it on another page?

In a clarion-magazine article, i read the group footer prints in the details
section, so I extended the details section of my report to the very bottom
of the page, but the group footer still prints on the next page.
Moreover, if I have to extend the details section to the bottom of the page,
how can I prevent detail lines from printing in the preprinted footer area
on a multi-page invoice?

Thanks for your help


Fri, 26 Dec 2003 19:35:21 GMT  
 printing on preprinted forms
It's just the 'absolute' checkbox in the group footers' properties.

Still, I wonder how to prevent detail lines from printing over the
preprinted footer on the first page in a multi-page invoice.

Thanks for sharing your expertise!


Fri, 26 Dec 2003 21:04:02 GMT  
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