GROUP,OVER() statement in 3.1 
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 GROUP,OVER() statement in 3.1

Has anybody ran into a problem with key files when you are using the =
GROUP,OVER(fieldname) statement?  I sent out a message yesterday about =
when you create a file and look in scanner the fields in the key is not =
what they should be.  Here is the file layout:

PERSFILE           =
RECORD                 RECORD
GIFT                           DECIMAL(5,0)
CART                          DECIMAL(3,0)
CUBENO                     DECIMAL(3,0)
ORDERNO               GROUP
BATCH                        STRING(5)
SEQ                            STRING(4)
SPLIT                          STRING(2)
CCODE                       STRING(3)
CDIGIT                        STRING(1)
CSEQ                          STRING(7)
HANDCODE                 STRING(1)           !Either Y, Handwritten - E, =
SPECINS                     STRING(1)
IMPRINT                      STRING(1)           !Imprint indicator for =
PULL                           SHORT
IMPDATA1A                 STRING(30)       !imprint data field 1        =09
IMPDATA1B                 STRING(30)       !imprint data field 2
                          .   .
What happens is that when you run the program and it creates this file =
IMPDATA1A field somehow is substituted for the first field in the =
key(which is HANDCODE).  If I delete the GROUP,OVER(ORDERNO) statements =
and re-compile the program and look at the file structure, the key is =
correct, OR if I put HANDCODE before the GROUP,OVER() statement it is =
ok!  I am concerned about this because we have quite a few files that =
are structured this way and I hope it is not happening to those files as =
well. =20

Does anybody know of a bug in CLARION 3.1XX  with the GROUP,OVER() =
statements or if it is something that I am doing perhaps!?  It seems if =
I revert back to CLARION 2.110 and compile and run it, it seems to =
create the file and key just fine.  This is why I am wondering if it is =
a 3.1 CREATE() problem or GROUP,OVER() problem.

Thanks in advance for anybody with some information on this.

Clint Carbaugh

Sat, 26 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
 GROUP,OVER() statement in 3.1

Did you get any replies?

Just curious!

Is that short enough?

Fri, 02 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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