toolbar button vs. dropdown menu 
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 toolbar button vs. dropdown menu


I am finding that when I run an .exe from the dropdown menu in the main
frame in a C4a app, it runs fine, but when the same .exe is called from a
button that I added to the toolbar, the .app locks up, and the .exe never

The .exe runs w/o a problem when called from explorer, and I tried testing
the same .exe, having it called from other working app's toolbar-buttons,
and it works fine.   ...also, I am finding that some procedure windows allow
for the use of the stock FrameBrowseControl buttons...and some do not.
Again, this is only in the one app that has the flaky button.   Are these
two problems related?

Suggestions?  Ideas?
Matthew Gorman

Wed, 06 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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