Creating a duplicate browse in another window 
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 Creating a duplicate browse in another window

Hi all

I have a problem that I've solved, but I can't help feeling that
I've reinvented the wheel. Is there a simple and foolproof way to
do the below using the default BrowseClass virtuals?

I want to recreate a browse list display on one window that
already exists on a window on a separate thread. This is easy
enough to do except when the browse list is *filtered*. I want to
open the browse at the existing selected item and retain the
filter. I can't seem to do both. My nearest attempt (using
<ResetQueue>) gets two or three duplicates of the selected item
(and I've tried things like <PostNewSelection> to refresh the

As I say, I've written something to get round the problem; but am
I missing something obvious?


Tue, 03 Jun 2003 01:43:42 GMT  
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