LSP SFX-Builder 1.11 - NEW VERSION 
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 LSP SFX-Builder 1.11 - NEW VERSION

=       LSP SFX-Builder 1.11       =
= Create Installations on the Fly! =
=      =

We are pleased to announce that LSP SFX-Builder 1.11 is now shipping.

LSP SFX-Builder (LSP-SFX) is a utility that provides an easy and
royalty-free way to create native Windows single-file self-extracting
archives (SFX) and SFX-Installation systems with a minimum of overhead.

LSP-SFX archives are ideal for sending software, source-code, documents,
graphics and other files to customers, friends, co-workers and associates
because they:

* can contain multiple highly compressed files, ensuring that important
files do not become separated from the rest of the package - this makes it
the optimal solution for distributions across networks;

* allow the use of a familiar Windows interface to decompress files without
owning or knowing how to use a separate UnPack utility;

* allow to create program groups & icons and to execute a program after the
installation process completes.

* allow the receiver to completely deinstall all files created with LSP-SFX
only by clicking the Uninstall Icon.

= LSP SFX-Builder Main Feature Summary =

* Visual LSP-SFX Archive Builder (developed with CW 2.003).
* A Wizard to simplify the process of building sfx installations/archives.
* Easy distribution of one or more compressed files.
* Smart sfx-linker technology.
* Very low overhead
     LSP-SFX Extractor (only 28K)
     LSP-SFX Installer (31K < setup.exe < 33K).
* Setup Project Manager.
* Highly optimized code for superior performance and very high compression
ratio (powered by the LSPack for Clarion Data Compression Toolkit).
* Specify the name of the title bar.
* An optional comment (up to 512 bytes) is displayed when the
self-extracting LSP file is run.
* Control the default "UnPack To" folder.
* Control the "Overwrite Existing Files" check box.  This determines
whether your users are prompted before existing files are overwritten with
files from the archive.
* Option to "Skip Existing Files" (e.g. data files).
* Before the UnPacking process starts a checking for the required disk
space is done.
* Specify an optional "Big Main Text" and a "Small Copyright Text" on the
blue gradient background.
* The CTL3D.DLL will automatically be used to generate 3D effects.
* Any folder information in the LSP archive is automatically restored.
* Create groups & icons when the UnPack operation completes.
* Includes CRC-32 calculation routine for data integrity verification.
* Specify an optional command to execute when the installation process
* Creates an optional log file of what was done.
* A high-performance native Windows "uninstal.exe" (only 10kb compressed
overhead) option is provided to read the INSTALL.LOG and removes the files
and groups & icons that were installed with LSP-SFX archives.

= How to Order =

LSP SFX-Builder costs only $49 USD (Introductory Price) for a license to
create an unlimited number of freely distributable royalty-free
self-extracting installations.

* You can purchase LSP SFX-Builder directly from Linder Software.
Transactions are via CompuServe SWREG #16360.

* You can purchase and immediately receive the Registered Version of LSP
SFX-Builder from Albert's Ambry.  Transactions are via Credit Card with the
option of making the purchase over a secure server.  Registration at
Albert's Ambry also eliminates shipping and handling costs.

* LSP SFX-Builder is available through TopSpeed Sales at (800) 354-5444
(within U.S./Canada) or your local authorized distributor.

= Download Demo =

A full featured LSP SFX-Builder demo is available for download.  For more
information please visit our web site or send me an e-mail.

Friedrich Linder Jr.

Linder Software Systems

Sun, 04 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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