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"I wish that little field box that allows fields to be selected in
Embed points allowed filenames and Keys to also be selected!!  Or at
least listed the names of keys, as well as the names of fields." - Geoff

"...What a PITA to be in the
middle of the source editor but cannot recall the name of one of 30 or
40 different file keynames." - Larry Juker

These are excepts from a recent "Wish List" discussion on the Newsgroup.
Well, you don't have to wait for Topspeed to grant your wish.  APPLICATION
MANAGER is the Answer!

APPLICATION MANAGER 1.4 is now available at www.pointofsale.com/developer
(it is also available soon on Compuserve).  Check out these features:

* ONE-STOP RESOURCE!  APPMAN databases your Applications, with the
procedures and files they contain, INCLUDING DESCRIPTIONS.  Have you ever
been in the Source Code editor, and wanted to reference a file that's NOT
in the File list?  Need to code a Process Loop, but can't remember the name
of the keys (two clicks of the mouse in AppMan is all it takes; it writes
the entire process loop code for you!).  Ever need to call a procedure from
a DLL, but can't remember what you called it?  APPMAN has all this
information and more!  Plus, it STAYS ON TOP so it's always available!

* NEW!  Automatic Compilator!  Batch-compile several Apps at once!  Keeps a
log of all compiles for you.  Allows you to select all, one, or several
Apps to compile.  

* NEW! User-Defineable Pop-Up lets you create Macros to help you write
source code!  Tired of writing the code behind an OK button?  Put it in the
Pop-Up, it's always there!

* NEW! Run Help Files and Programs from APPMAN.  Makes it easy to view a
Help File even if you're not in the program.  Work on a DLL and run the
main App from APPMAN!

* NEW! Toolbox window has convenience features, like a Message Maker, a
Code saver, Bevel tool, and an OCX/OLE viewer!

* NEW!  See The Big Picture, a window that lets you see which procedures
and files are used in all of the Applications in your project.  

* PLUS!  Print out your dictionary, souce code, variables, and procedure
and file cross-references!

If you program in CW, YOU'VE GOTTA USE APPLICATION MANAGER!  Check it out,
at www.pointofsale.com/developer .  Cost is just $79 for all this power!  

John Hickey
POSitive Sofware Company
TimeSaver App Manager - Templates - Path Manager - Gizmos!


Tue, 20 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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