DeveloperPLUS Grand Opening - 3rd Party Publisher Services 
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 DeveloperPLUS Grand Opening - 3rd Party Publisher Services

DeveloperPLUS is pleased to announce the grand opening of its Publisher
Services Division.

Come visit us at < http://www.*-*-*.com/ > and browse our publisher
service offerings. We believe that you will be pleasantly surprised with the
quality of our professionally designed Web site and the extensive array of
publisher services available.

Our Goal is to Service Your Needs

We realize that the needs of third-party publishers differ, and no one set of
services can possibly meet the needs of all publishers. That's why from our
very first day we are offering our publishers four levels of service from
which to choose.

Whether you are just starting your third-party business, or are an
established publisher with your own Web site, you will find that
DeveloperPLUS has valuable services to offer. At a minimum, all publishers
receive the following services.

    All accounts include secure real-time credit card processing
    All accounts receive real-time email notification of purchases
    All accounts include dedicated order forms for their products

Enterprise - Our most feature rich publisher account, Enterprise publishers
have our full suite of services at their disposal. Enterprise account
features include publishing your content in our catalog, real-time product
fulfillment, FTP storage and cataloging for your demos and freeware, custom
product unlock code generation, and more.

    Introductory Rate 10.5% of product price + $4.00 USD

    For details of the Enterprise Publisher Account, please visit
    < http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;

Professional - Our Professional publisher account is ideal if you would like
to publishing your product content in our catalog and would like to have
real-time purchasing and product delivery, but don't need the customized
fulfillment available with the Enterprise account.

    Introductory Rate 8.5% of product price + $3.00 USD

    For details of the Professional Publisher Account, please visit
    < http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;

Standard - The Standard publisher account is a real value that lets you take
advantage of our secure real-time order and fulfillment system. Your products
have their own space in our catalog and we even make an exclusive order form
available for you to link to from your own site.

    Introductory Rate 6.5% of product price + $2.00 USD

    For details of the Standard Publisher Account, please visit
    < http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;

Basic - Looking for a great deal on secure real-time order processing? Our
Basic publisher account offers that, and more.

    Introductory Rate 4.5% of product price + $2.00 USD

    For details of the Basic Publisher Account, please visit
    < http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;

We invite you to visit DeveloperPLUS and browse through our site. You will
find additional information about our publisher services, a side-by-side
comparison of the different accounts and, of course, our publisher
application form.

About DeveloperPLUS

DeveloperPLUS was created to serve the Clarion community by a team of working
professional developers. Sparing no resources in its commitment to both its
customers and Third-Party publishers, the DeveloperPLUS Web engineering team
has created what we believe to be the best shopping site of its kind. The
DeveloperPLUS Web site is well organized, easy to navigate, and offers state
of the art shopping and real-time order fulfillment technologies to offer our
visitors a pleasant and secure shopping experience.

Lee White

Sun, 24 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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