Finding the missing icon at compilation 
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 Finding the missing icon at compilation

I do it a similar way but I use EditPlus which gives a listing of the
filename, line number and line info.

>I don't know about everyone else, but I usually resort to doing a text
>search of the .clw files to find the module it's referenced in.  I use an
>old Norton utility (ts.exe) but I think it would work just as well going
>through the windows "Find files and folders" option using *.clw for the file
>mask and checkf.ico for the "Containing text"  option.


>> Hi all,

>> I have a returning problem. I'm installing a new computer and I'm about to
>> transfer software. To get a fresh start I install Clarion from the CD.
>> I transfer alle source and data to the new computer and compile the first
>> app. Then it happens: at the end of compilation I get this message:
>> Error(2): cif$fileopen checkf.ico. Can't find the file.

>> I have had this problem many times. And the question is how do I find out
>> where the heck this icon i referenced in the code? Is there any smart way
>> do this?

>> --
>> Regards,

>> Henrik Kartin
>> Kartin Data
>> Denmark

Booker Bennett

Topfloor Computer Systems

Sun, 15 May 2005 00:36:17 GMT  
 Finding the missing icon at compilation
Hi Didier,

On Tue, 26 Nov 2002 07:09:37 +0100, Didier Le Duc


>It has an option to manage all icons in the app and to create a copy
>of all used icons in the directory of your choice (might be the
>standard Images directory or a sub directory of your app.

I use a z-icons subdir for all .ico and .cur images - ALWAYS.  So my
red file has this for starters:


This means that I NEVER have to go chasing images all over the place.
When I move to a client machine I just add this to the red file if
it's not there and everything compiles.  I use this for .clw and .inc
files also as well as all other generated files - they all go into
subdirs.  That way I have a completely clean app directory and I can
very quickly force re-generation of everything.  

Best regards,

Arnr Baldvinsson
Icetips Software        
San Antonio, Texas, USA

ICQ:  113314380

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Sun, 15 May 2005 04:55:19 GMT  
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