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 New Clarion Template Announcement

How to integrate your Clarion apps with Outlook Express

ExpressFlash is the easy way for your users to get messages from
Outlook Express into your app's database.  Until now, all that sales
and customer support information in the email Inbox was trapped
there.  But once ExpressFlash imports it into your Clarion app it
becomes available to everyone in the organization.

ExpressFlash opens up lots of new possibilities for Clarion
developers - such as being able to process orders emailed
automatically from a website.

You can specify a starting date & time for each import run so
you don't get any overlap between batches of emails converted.
And for developers who like to dive in and work at the source code
level there is an option to convert Outlook Express mailboxes
to "raw" text data - which you can then parse out as you want.

Priced at just $195 ExpressFlash represents weeks of hard work
deciphering the OE file structures and its compatible with Clarion 5.5
ABC and OE 5 & 6.  It is in the final beta stages and there is a
demo available.

Try out the demo now to see how simple the whole process is:


This little demo EXE is just a way of showing the templates in action
and you are not limited to this method of displaying the emails and
newsgroup messages. Other features: no black boxes, all source code
included, Outlook Express files not changed in any way and a sample
APP/DCT is supplied.


Mike McLoughlin
Sterling Data
Invest in templates that will save you WEEKS of work!
Details & demos at   http://www.*-*-*.com/
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