help needed - main frame disapeared in windows formatter ? 
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 help needed - main frame disapeared in windows formatter ?

I'm a novice with Clarion5 I have a strange problem.
When I select the Main Frame and want ot edit it in the Windows
formatter it has dissapeared. Had this before but could restart from a
copie of my previous work . Now the same thing happens again.
I have added some code to other Browse windows but nothing to the main
frame menu or changed properties, so how does it affect this fact.
The windows formatter opens but it takes a long time before the
buttons in the toolbar appear ( save- exit - properties icons.. etc)
The bleu lines which indicate the screen size dissapeared. The
scrollbars are halfway , bringin them to the top still does not show
the main frame window.
Changes to the menu do happen (which I still can do from within the
window formatter ) when I regenerate the program it runs as it should.

Can I reverse this situation , as I do not which to restart from a
backup copie again. Is there a propertie I should check , a module .
I looked at the global properties of the app ( did not change anything
) is this
the cause. If so why ?

Thanks for any suggestions where to check or change something.
Dusselier Francis

Tue, 11 Jan 2005 14:24:30 GMT  
 help needed - main frame disapeared in windows formatter ?
Hi Francis

I have run into this problem before and here's what i did :
If you have Clarion 5 or higher (I don't remember whether
this feature was included in the earlier versions) you should
press the Edit as text button in your procedure properties.
Then you will see the code for your frame window
Simply change the AT attribute to, say (,,310,190)
and save. When you press the window button, you
should see your frame again.
Hope this helps

BTW. Either way you do not need to get back to an old
backup. You can just delete the frame procedure and
create it again, or simply import the single procedure
form backup


Greg Wajszczuk

when replying remove 123 from the address

Tue, 11 Jan 2005 19:44:07 GMT  
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