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 Callback functions

I have a DLL which uses callback. It was written to use in Visual C++. I've
done everything to work and it actually worked. But the problem is with the
parameters of this function. The function is called from the DLL writen in
C. One of the parameters is group, one of elements is a union of new groups.
Very complex. The C header file declaration for this variable takes 5kb.
After examining It took some time to make sure that every part of it has
exact same size in bytes so that shouldn't be the problem.

I've tried many thing to get this baby working but nothing succesfull. There
is no way I could read from this variable. It crashes. I've also noticed
that the variable size taken from the parameter is wrong (it shows numbers
larger that 4 MB for a group which size is only 72bytes). Are there any
tricks? I've seen demo from Igor Kuklin that does it. Unfortunately I've
lost it and he doesn't respond.

Thank you very much

Sun, 02 Mar 2003 16:30:47 GMT  
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