Odd Network Printing Problem 
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 Odd Network Printing Problem

Hi all,
I have run into a strange problem trying to print reports when running an
app on a network (Novell 4.11).

Here are the basics.  I have an app written in CW2 using CPCS templates
which works fine on the network.  I upgraded the app using CW4 w/o the CPCS
templates.  On my development machine everything worked great.  When I put
the EXE on the network and run it from there everything works as expected
_except_ printing.  When I print a report the workstation appears to lock
up.  If I leave it alone the report eventually prints as much as 6 or 7
minutes later.  This report prints in the CW2 version in about 5 seconds.

The really odd thing is that I have several other apps written in CW4 that
don't have any problem at all with printing.  So, to test it I redid the app
in CW5b and have exactly the same problem.  I have checked user access
rights on the network where the app is installed and all appropriate rights
are there (read, write,create, execute, erase).

The network is Novell 4.11 running on 100Mbs Ethernet.  The problem occurs
on each workstation I have tested though the faster workstations typically
go faster (rather than 6-7 minutes for a P166 it may print in 2-3 minutes on
a PIII 500).

Any ideas???


Mon, 14 Apr 2003 22:09:12 GMT  
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