List & Label 30 day evaluation templates released 
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 List & Label 30 day evaluation templates released

To allow you to try out List & Label v8 with our templates in your own
application, we have released a version of the templates which will work
with combit's 30 day evaluation version of List & Label v8.

Both the templates and List & Label are only restricted by the number of
days that they can be used for plus a nag screen and a pause whenever a
report is run or the layouts are altered.

This includes a demo app (C55)  includes examples of:-

Exporting reports to RTF, PDF, HTML, XML formats and running their
associated applications after exporting
Emailing exported reports.
The new layout designer.
Charting - Bar graphs, pie charts etc in your reports.
A mail merged letter using the built in List & Label RTF formatter.
Sending RTF text for printing from within your application.
Batch invoices
Calling a report without having to select from a list (invoice)
Using Global variables to specify print previews and Printer options.  I
have put these on the toolbar, but they could be anywhere.  Each report can
have it's own set of variables if required.
Optional 'colour sketches' of the report layout when browsing or selecting.

The demo templates also include the free Resort templates which allow your
users to select report, process and browse sort orders at runtime.  This
template is free, not time limited and maybe used without restriction in
your app.  The templates can be downloaded from

The 30 day evaluation version of List & Label can be downloaded from combit
at http://www.*-*-*.com/ ,
please remember to select 'Distributor / Reseller / Author /Partner' in the
media drop down and then 'Solace Software, Great Britain' from the Details

The templates are installed using the new Setupbuilder version 4 from
Lindersoft.  Previously we were using Wise installer, but found Linder's
Setupbuilder to be a far superior and faster product.  If you are
considering buying a installation product, we seriously recommend that you
look at Setupbuilder.  A 30 day evaluation program is available for download
at http://www.*-*-*.com/

Simon Burrows
VariView templates. - Display your variables and fields as you run your
WordSpell templates. - Seamlessly use MS Word's Spell checker in your apps.
Screen Redesigner templates - Let your customers change your screen layouts
and control properties to suit their needs at runtime.
List & Label Templates - Unlimited report layouts, defined by your user at
runtime in your Clarion application
Free template sets

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