Announcement - New Template available 
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 Announcement - New Template available

SimPad Templates - ABC only, C5 and C55

In addition (and complementary) to the existing Simsoft Templates, which
include pre-designed keypads and keyboards, I have now released the SimPad

The Simpad templates allow you to create your own keypads for touchscreen
(or normal) applications, all from within the Clarion IDE. An easy-to-use
program allows you to design your screen, optionally drag-n-drop images onto
the buttons, set text and font, and also automatically set which keypress
will be sent when the button is set. Then a utility template lets you import
the Window you have designed, with all its functionality, into any existing
application you have. The code generated shows in the white (editable)
portions of the sourcecode as if you had typed it in yourself, and can be
changed, deleted or enhanced as you see fit.

The price of the SimPad templates is $49 US.

The existing Simsoft Templates are priced at $69. A bundle of both the
Simsoft and SimPad templates is available for $99.

For existing users of the Simsoft Templates however, it will cost just $30
US to upgrade to the bundle (i.e. to get the SimPad Templates).

For more details on the SimPad templates, and to view the Help Files in HTML
format visit http://www.*-*-*.com/

best wishes

Eric Churton
The Simsoft Templates for plug-in on-screen keyboards and keypads,pop-up
calculator and calendar and more
The Simshape Templates for different shaped and colored buttons

Mon, 21 Mar 2005 13:55:50 GMT  
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