Software By Ragazzi : Weekly Product Listing (7 July, '97) 
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 Software By Ragazzi : Weekly Product Listing (7 July, '97)

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            Software By Ragazzi Product Announcements

                      06 July, 1997 - Sunday

     * We have CW2x and C4 versions of our products. *

C4 version: All of our templates compile under C4 using either
the C4-ABC-OOP templates or the CW2003 Templates.


You can now use our "Utility Library" as ShareWare. All features
are available! The only difference is a "Shareware Notification
Window" is displayed at random times during Library function
calls. The password is "Shareware"!

Also check out our newly enhanced "Multiple Template Installer".
Its even more powerful and easier to use.

Did you know we have a "wizard" to add our "Standardization"
template to all your procedures? It makes is easy and fast to
integrate our template to your APP.

Programming in Clarion can be exciting, productive and
challenging all at the same time.

Our product line helps make programming and development faster
and easier. Our products are designed to work seamlessly with
existing templates, both in 16-bit and 32-bit environments
(except where noted). Each product tackles a different need.

                          ** PRODUCTS **

** Standard Templates (+) - ($ 45.00 - SWREG: 11652) = SBR_FULL.EXE
** Controls Templates (+) - ($ 45.00 - SWREG: 11814) = SBR_FULL.EXE
** Utility Libraries  (+) - ($ 45.00 - SWREG: 11812) = SBR_FULL.EXE

** Multi-Template Install - ($ 25.00 - SWREG: 14751) = SBRTIPSU.EXE
** Automated LibMaker     - ($ 25.00 - SWREG: 14752) = SBRLMPSU.EXE

** DEMOS    **

** SBRDEMOS.EXE - Contains Demo program showing features of our
                  products (marked +)


** Icon Displayer program -                          = SBR_ICON.EXE

Check out our web page http://www.*-*-*.com/ for
more information including screen shots and download locations.

     ** Features ** Features ** Features ** ** Features **

Template: Standardization

This template series helps give your application a consistent
look and feel. If you use multiple DLLs, you can control the way
each application looks directly from the Main EXE APP, without
changing every DLL to suite a client's need.

Use the new utility wizard to automatically add the template to
every procedure with a window!

 1. Easily insert "Demo" control code into your application
 2. Make all your window help IDs match the actual procedure name
 3. Keep your application's workspace uncluttered by hiding and
    un-hiding windows as they loose and gain focus.
 4. Ensure that "child" MDI-windows retain their correct sizes
    when a lower MDI-window is maximized
 5. Propagate the frame's font attributes to all (or selected)
    controls on all windows at run-time
 6. Control where tooltips are used on common controls like; Exit,
    Close, Insert, Change, Delete, Select Buttons
 7. Control what the tooltip message will be for these controls
 8. Define global Insert, Change, Delete messages on forms
 9. Export selected variables from a DLL even if Clarion's IDE
    normally would not allow them
10. Easily add additional files to your Project like Icons,
    DLLs, LIBs, CLW files
11. Have your Application Frame start a "Timed" splash screen,
    then start an optional 1st procedure
12. Automatically Flush\Stream your files in a PROCESS or REPORT
13. and more... - Check out our demo

#12 only available in the C4 version
Template: Control

This template series helps give your application additional power
and functionality.

 1. Animated icon/images **
 2. Moving icons/images
 3. Call a procedure\function with or with out parameters, or
    DO a routine
 4. Make any window a Timed window that will close after "x"
    number of seconds and specify a procedure to Call or Start
    after it closes. This feature would be great to create a
    series of screens that open and close after each other.
 5. Add a "real" OK button that sets LocalResponse to
    RequestCompleted and then closes the window.
 6. Add a "real" Cancel button that sets LocalResponse to
    RequestCancelled and then closes the window.
 7. Add "Office '97" style buttons to your application

    Check out our demo

#7  C4 has this as a native feature
Library : Utility

This library series helps give your application extra power
without having to write common features that most applications
will want to use.

 1. PopUp Calendar, select from several types
 2. PopUp Calculator
 3. PopUp Directory
 4. Calendar Grid
 5. Soundex
 6. Search & Replace (ASCII)
 7. Set "look-n-feel" variables
 8. INI Editor
 9. Long file name function             (32-bit only)
10. Screen Capture w/ Printing option  
11. System Environment \ Resource Utilization Window
12. Decimal Number 2 Words "Check style" formatting
    (0.00 to 99,999.99)
13. Easily get the Start-up CommandLine arguments and get a QUEUE
    filled w/ all the Environment variables in it, optionally the
    function can display it.
14. and more... - Check out our demo

Tools   : Multi-Template Chain Installer

Your template registry file (registry.trf) can become corrupted,
deleted, or you need to update the templates you are currently
using. If you only use Clarion's templates then you really only
have one template chain (CW.tpl) to register, this is no problem.
But now multiply this process by 3, 4 or even 5 other 3rd-party
template chains and this process is slow and tedious. We have a
great time-saving feature which will scan your hard disk for all
TPL file and build your list automalically.

Our product makes it easy to completely rebuild your registry file
when you need to.

Tools   : Automated Developer Friendly "LibMaker"

As you develop more and more complicated Clarion programs you
will probably at some time need to use built-in Window's
functions or need to call other procedures from 3rd-party
modules. To do this you need to have a LIB file containing entry
points to access these functions. This LIB file needs to be
Clarion Compatible.

Clarion provides as "LibMaker" as an example program to do just
this. We have taken their program and improved it by leaps and

Our product makes it easy to completely rebuild your LIB file
when you need to.

Unlike Clarion's version you can;

 1. List all the symbols in the DLL, EXE, or LIB
 2. Keep specific symbols
 3. Drop (exclude) specific symbols
 4. Process multiple files and write multiple files all at one
 5. Everything is repeatable w/ just a click of one button
 6. Print report showing all actions taken while processing your

Thank You,

Kevin B. Erskine, Software By Ragazzi

Web site:   http://www.*-*-*.com/

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