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 Here are a few things I've discovered over the past few weeks that may be
of help to some folks in my situation. I began to evaluate the prospect of
migrating an application which currently is running on a Btrieve database to
an Oracle database and had quite a few problems. Here are some of the major

1. The current O.Connect docs were written for an older version of Oracle
(older that the ver. 7.3 that I'm using). Some things have changed since
then which no longer apply to ver.7.3.
2. The O.Connect documentation is a little book only 88 pages long. It makes
no attempt to give you any specs or requirements for the configuration or
setup of the Oracle server.
3. Oracle is a very complicated product. Even the experts at TPS have
problems troubleshooting configuration problems. (After two sessions with a
knowledgeable TPS rep, we still were not able to identify a configuration
4. The O.Connect docs are very vague (and sometimes incorrect) about some
important issues.
    a. The 'Host String' generally consists of two parts, the Procotol
identifier ('2:', 'X:' or 'T:') and the 'Database Name'.
    b. In Oracle 73, the protocol identifier for TCP/IP has been changed
from 'T:' to 'TNS:'.
    c. If you have set up your database in the 'SQL Net Easy' configuration
with a 'Database Alias', you don't need the  'Protocol' portion of the host
    d. When installing the Client portion of Oracle on your workstation, you
apparently need the 7.1 and 7.2 support files along with the 7.3 support
files. On my OEM version of Oracle, the 7.1 and 7.2 files were not included.
    e. If you load the Win95 version of the personal Oracle 7 client, only
32 bit support files are loaded. This means that the Import Wizard for
Oracle Connect in the 16 bit CW environment will not work. Currently there
is no additional utility being shipped that would provide a 32 bit version
of the Import Wizard.
5. Whatever Database you try to create Oracle files in must already exist
prior to creating the files. This may be very obvious to persons familiar
with Oracle, but to a newbie just starting out with Oracle, the obvious is
sometimes not too obvious.
6. If you create a file in an Oracle database with a field named 'Comment',
the file will export and be created just fine, but you will receive an error
message when you try to insert records into the file. Apparently the name
'Comment' is illegal as a field (or column) name in Oracle. The error
message you get, however, does not indicate the true problem.
7. The current version of the O.Connect driver is much slower for some
remote operations than using ODBC. The fix for this problem is now in beta
and should be available in the next release of the O.Connect driver.

This is all the additional information that I have available at the current
time. If I find more problems/hints/tips later, I will do another posting. I
hope that this info will save someone some of the headaches that I've
encountered trying to make the O.Connect driver work.

Regards, Jim

Fri, 21 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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