ODP: PREVIOUS( view ) hangs 
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 ODP: PREVIOUS( view ) hangs


> In these conditions when the program executes PREVIOUS statement that =

should come up with an "BadRecErr", it hangs up instead. I suspect that =
it loops inside t

Well, the same happened to me before.=20
Does your file have a Memo in it ?? Sound weird but i remember that
taking off the memo would solve the problem.

Sebastian Talamoni
Clarion Support Team (Argentina)

Unfortunately (???) I do not have memo field.
I am pretty sure the problem is somehow related to the problem with =
CLEAR ( short, -1 ). Both bugs are in 32 bits only. If the driver calls =
internally CLEAR function, it may expect receiving -32767 instead of -1.

Does anybody know the schedule for the release of new drivers ? I hope =
the problem is solved there.
Szymon Slupik

Mon, 02 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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