Sending output from Clarion Report Writer for windows to a file 
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 Sending output from Clarion Report Writer for windows to a file


First, go to My Computer | Printers and see if you have installed the
Generic/Text Only printer. If not, grab your Win95 CD-ROM and install
it. As you install it the wizard will ask you for the Port to use. Set
that to FILE:.

Bring up Report Writer and go to File | Printer Setup... to select the
Generic/Text Only printer. When you start to print, it will ask you for
a file name to use.

-- Craig (The Data Ferret)
Using Virtual Access 4.02 build 244 (32-bit) in Win95
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Mon, 25 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 Sending output from Clarion Report Writer for windows to a file
I haven't. I only read from CSV files (All fields quoted) or .dat files.
I use
the latest 32 bit network client from Novell. Maybe some one else out
has and can shed some light on why your getting problems.

> Thanks for the advice.  The new application that the programmers wrote for CW
> does still use .dat files, so I guess I will stick with Report Writer 2.1.
> The only problem I've had with RW 2.1 is that it sometimes does wierd things
> since we upgraded to Windows 95.  When the source file for the database in RW
> is an ASCII file, the report sometimes doesn't work properly if I send output
> to the printer or to a file.  If I send it to the screen, it will pull up all
> the right records, but if I send exactly the same report to the printer or a
> file, it will say that no records are matched.  Also, I have found that the
> ">" or ">=" don't work in the choose conditions when the source for the
> database is an ASCII file.  It will choose everything or nothing, but not the
> right records. (The same reports work fine on Windows 3.1.)  Have you ever
> run into anything like this?  If so, do you have any solution?  Again, thanks
> for the help.

Mon, 25 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 Sending output from Clarion Report Writer for windows to a file

    Okay, but couldn't you also have the program filter the data as it scans it? I'm
assuming it had to scan it anyway. I'm saying, just give them a "quick" QBE type screen
with a set of limits they can fill in (All or greater than x and less than y). I
suppose it could get even more complex, in which case I would be tempted to go with
EVALUATE. Just my two scents.



    Kurt Pawlikowski
    The Pinrod Corporation

    (773) 284-9500


> Kurt, what he's doing ( I know because I've done it before ) is pulling
> a subset of data from an existing database. Kinda like 'Give me all
> customers who have a balance greater that X'. Then he can go an grab
> 'All transactions with a date before X and that also match a customer in
> the data file I just created'. Doing this stuff is really handy when
> your doing complex filtering and you have a very big database. By doing
> a couple passed to get spicific subsets, you can run two or three
> pre-process reports then do your real reporting. I've done this before
> to cut down a 24+ hour report situation into a 3 hour report. Very handy
> as the customer wanted the report done every day.

Mon, 25 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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