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 Screen Prototyper Update


Screen Prototyper from Riebens Systems has been updated.

The interface was completely re-designed and you can now have your Tools
toolbox either floated or docked to the application frame. It is also
possible to change the size of the Toolbox.

The previewer for the screens will now automatically size to the screen size
defined during the prototyping phase.

The Screen Reporter have the option of printing all the screen details or
switching off the notes and/or the screen controls.

The prototyper will run in Demo mode for 30 days and also allows the user to
purchase and clear the demo mode.

Purchased products will allow developers to check for updates on the web and
download and install the new releases.

Screen Prototyper can be found at Follow the link under

For this release, creating controls from the dictionary has been disabled
due to a bug.

Kind Regards

Benjamin Dell (CCD)
Riebens Systems

Benjamin Dell (CCD)
Riebens Systems

Tue, 23 Mar 2004 09:01:16 GMT  
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